Corners cutoff

a diagram describing aggregate fruits and their development

"A corner cutoff is a corner saved"—nonsense

a wooden chair lies upside-down on grass

Corners cutoff is a small press based in Los Angeles, run by Bhavani Srinivas and Somi Jun. We collaborate with artists and writers to design, produce, and distribute printed matter.

Our projects are stocked by North Figueroa Bookshop

Somi and Bhavani pose with thumbs up behind a table of books with a blue tablecloth that reads an accordion of folded paper with pink, green, and yellow squares with Tamil characters on each fold Maria Clara wears a pink t shirt with a blue and pink design that reads bisexuals heart yeonjun a spiral bound book with a blue, green, red, and purple cover that reads 'You are Hollywood model boy' is held out over a swimming pool a cassette cover with a drawing of a bottle of flowers on a neon pink table, a green cassette tape, and a card with a drawing of hands holding a wirebound book with a silver ccover that reads 'in lieu of absence' three red and turquoise magnets that read 'eat your vegetables' stuck on a fridge door many silver tumblers are in three stacks. the tumblers have different phrases engraved on them an open spiral bound book has an image of cardboard with glass pins stuck in it. The pages of the book are perforated in a diagonal grid